Microwave as Autoclave

J.R. Pelmont Jean.Pelmont at wanadoo.fr
Wed Jun 10 02:36:33 EST 1998

Keith James <k.james at bangor.ac.uk> wrote:
> Why not a domestic pressure cooker? Provided that it can achieve 121 C
> and fulfills whatever safety requirements there are for that
> laboratory. I expect it would be cheaper than a microwave anyway.

The best idea of course. It is cheap (less than 80 US $ when made of
inox) , found in all supermarks, available in nearly every family (we
call them "cocottes minutes"), and perfectly safe (and necessary to cook
potatoes at high altitude). Microwave ovens to me avoided absolutely,
except for melting agar.
J. Pelmont, Biochimie
Univ. Grenoble I

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