Biowar Against Blacks

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Sun Jun 14 18:09:41 EST 1998


The black and gay populations of our country would be wise to pay
close attention to the revelations that have come from the South
African panel that is investigating human rights abuses during
the apartheid era.   Testimony of scientists reveals a
"twisted world of science gone mad", in the words of
Associated Press.

According to testimony of scientists, South Africa had a secret
biological and chemical weapons program.  They told about
concocting poisoned chocolates, plotting to induce brain 
damage in Nelson Mandela, and trying to find germ-warfare
agents and infertility drugs that would target blacks [1].

"That was the psychosis that prevailed", said Daan Goosen,
who led a covert biological research laboratory.  "I was not
thinking rationally at the time", he said.

One witness testified of a shirt infused with poison, given to a
black activist, who loaned it to a friend, who died.

Perhaps there are more significant truths in the answers to 
questions that the mainstream press would not think to ask.

Could our CIA have known of this?  South Africa was one of
the hot spots of the world.  At the very least, it would have 
been a failing of intelligence, for them not to have known.

But the CIA had closely collaborated with Pretoria's intelligence
service for years, particularly in their joint operation in Angola,
an effort which cost the United States dearly in support from 
other African countries [2].

Henry Kissinger, after he left Harvard, had an interest in biowar.
It was at his request that the DOD in 1969 requested $10 million
dollars for the development of AIDS-like viruses.  Kissinger
also issued a National Security Council memorandum in 1969,
promoting a more right-wing policy toward the white regime
in South Africa.  For years, the words "white regime" had been
remain censored in this document[3].

Could America ever contemplate something as evil as what
occurred in South Africa?  If the CIA knew what South Africa
was doing in terms of biowar and genocide, Kissinger also
would have known.  Their sympathy for the white regime
would have included a willingness to overlook mass murder.

American science has also had scandals in race-specific 
biowar research.  In 1951, African-Americans were exposed to
potentially fatal simulant, in a Virginia test of race-specific
fungal weapons [4].

The DOD did not deny the tests.  Their excuse was that they
feared an attack on blacks, from outside the United States,
using such weapons.  They claimed that they were merely
seeking an antidote.

In view of the racial climate of the time, this claim stretches
credibility, to say the least.

Similarly, our government has at times conspired to poison
its own citizens.  In one incident, the CIA was alleged to
have conspired to put LSD in the coffee of a college professor
whose politics displeased them.  There are many similar,
reported incidents.

Evil flourishes when people bury their heads and refuse to
acknowledge the signs of deep evil, right under their noses.

In South Africa, the truth is coming out, decades late, only
because the corrupt white minority regime has been thrown
from power.

We will never have a Truth Commission in America, to find
out what really happened in 1951, what really happened after
the 1969 DOD biowar appropriation was granted.  At least,
this will never take place while a corrupt, right-wing 
Republican Congress is in power.  In view of the revelations
in South Africa, and the hints of similar madness in the 
United States, the minority populations must begin to think
literally in terms of throwing the right-wing from power,
if we cannot vote them from power.  

We must get over brainwashing from our own oppressors,
that such thoughts are something "criminal"
or "irresponsible".  Under the circumstances, it is our
most basic right, whether it is acknowledged by the complacent
majority of a long-corrupt system, or not.

Tom Keske
Boston, Mass.

 [1] Associated Press, "South African Rights Panel Hears of Deadly 
      Science Plots, 6/12/98
[2] The CIA: a Forgotten History, William Blum
[3] Emerging Viruses, AIDS & Ebola, Leonard Horowitz
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