Biowar Against Blacks

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Dear Mr. Keske,
As fascinating as your continual postings are, I do not feel that they are
appropriately in the spirit of what this group should be used for. While I
respect your right to offer your opinions and air your views, I really
feel that you would have a more receptive and friendly audience
elsewhere. I am sure AOL or one of the other bulletin-board services will
have an urban myth/conspiracy theory, anti-science, or other "X-File" type
area where you will be appreciated for your deep thoughts. Don't stop
writing, just do it elsewhere. Thanks,
K.J. Roberts, Ph.D. 

On 14 Jun 1998, TRKeske wrote:

> The black and gay populations of our country would be wise to pay
> close attention to the revelations that have come from the South
> African panel that is investigating human rights abuses during
> the apartheid era.   Testimony of scientists reveals a
> "twisted world of science gone mad", in the words of
> Associated Press.
> According to testimony of scientists, South Africa had a secret
> biological and chemical weapons program.  They told about
> concocting poisoned chocolates, plotting to induce brain 
> damage in Nelson Mandela, and trying to find germ-warfare
> agents and infertility drugs that would target blacks [1].
> "That was the psychosis that prevailed", said Daan Goosen,
> who led a covert biological research laboratory.  "I was not
> thinking rationally at the time", he said.
> One witness testified of a shirt infused with poison, given to a
> black activist, who loaned it to a friend, who died.
> Perhaps there are more significant truths in the answers to 
> questions that the mainstream press would not think to ask.
> Could our CIA have known of this?  South Africa was one of
> the hot spots of the world.  At the very least, it would have 
> been a failing of intelligence, for them not to have known.
> But the CIA had closely collaborated with Pretoria's intelligence
> service for years, particularly in their joint operation in Angola,
> an effort which cost the United States dearly in support from 
> other African countries [2].
> Henry Kissinger, after he left Harvard, had an interest in biowar.
> It was at his request that the DOD in 1969 requested $10 million
> dollars for the development of AIDS-like viruses.  Kissinger
> also issued a National Security Council memorandum in 1969,
> promoting a more right-wing policy toward the white regime
> in South Africa.  For years, the words "white regime" had been
> remain censored in this document[3].
> Could America ever contemplate something as evil as what
> occurred in South Africa?  If the CIA knew what South Africa
> was doing in terms of biowar and genocide, Kissinger also
> would have known.  Their sympathy for the white regime
> would have included a willingness to overlook mass murder.
> American science has also had scandals in race-specific 
> biowar research.  In 1951, African-Americans were exposed to
> potentially fatal simulant, in a Virginia test of race-specific
> fungal weapons [4].
> The DOD did not deny the tests.  Their excuse was that they
> feared an attack on blacks, from outside the United States,
> using such weapons.  They claimed that they were merely
> seeking an antidote.
> In view of the racial climate of the time, this claim stretches
> credibility, to say the least.
> Similarly, our government has at times conspired to poison
> its own citizens.  In one incident, the CIA was alleged to
> have conspired to put LSD in the coffee of a college professor
> whose politics displeased them.  There are many similar,
> reported incidents.
> Evil flourishes when people bury their heads and refuse to
> acknowledge the signs of deep evil, right under their noses.
> In South Africa, the truth is coming out, decades late, only
> because the corrupt white minority regime has been thrown
> from power.
> We will never have a Truth Commission in America, to find
> out what really happened in 1951, what really happened after
> the 1969 DOD biowar appropriation was granted.  At least,
> this will never take place while a corrupt, right-wing 
> Republican Congress is in power.  In view of the revelations
> in South Africa, and the hints of similar madness in the 
> United States, the minority populations must begin to think
> literally in terms of throwing the right-wing from power,
> if we cannot vote them from power.  
> We must get over brainwashing from our own oppressors,
> that such thoughts are something "criminal"
> or "irresponsible".  Under the circumstances, it is our
> most basic right, whether it is acknowledged by the complacent
> majority of a long-corrupt system, or not.
> Tom Keske
> Boston, Mass.
>  [1] Associated Press, "South African Rights Panel Hears of Deadly 
>       Science Plots, 6/12/98
> [2] The CIA: a Forgotten History, William Blum
> [3] Emerging Viruses, AIDS & Ebola, Leonard Horowitz
> [4] A brief history of bio-chemical weapons,
>       lists/pen-l/nov97/0431.html

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