Red Pigments

Yersinia yersinia at CYBERNEX.NET
Thu Jun 18 22:52:39 EST 1998

	Sounds very much like Serratia marcescens.  Try this...isolate and
incubate samples on two different TSA plates, then incubate one at 30 C
and the other at 37 C.  Serratia exhibits a phenotypic expression wherein
color develops at the lower temperature more readily than the higher.
Also, check Bergey's for the characteristic metabolic reactions associated
with this organism.  It wouldn't suprise me if this isn't your bug.  Let
us know what you find based on what everyone else tells you. I hope this
Karl J. Roberts, Ph.D.>

I thought Serratia marscescens was Gram *negative*, and the bug described 
by  William Mason was gram positive! Or is my memory failing me?!


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