grad school degrees and professions

J.C.Eva jceva at
Sat Jun 20 20:24:56 EST 1998

Hi!  I am a new member of this newsgroup.  Currently, I have a B.S. in
Biological Sciences (emphasis in Evolution and Ecology) / minor in
Nematology and am interested in furthering my education to pursue a Ph.D. in
the microbiology (food micro, perhaps) area.  Can anyone recommend grad
schools that I should look
into?  I've skimmed through Peterson's Compact Guide 1998.  I would like to
hear some real life opinions from current grad school students, alumni, or
professors (bascially, anyone willing to share some info).  After earning a
Ph.D. (or a M.S. degree) , what types of jobs can one apply for and what
kind of salary can one expect?
Thank you in advance,
J.C. Eva

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