My Mistake: Biowar on Blacks

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Sun Jun 21 12:23:28 EST 1998


Was I being too quick, too suspicious, when I immediately
questioned whether our CIA might have known of biowar
efforts by the former white regime of South Africa?

I can see my real mistake, now.  I was not being nearly
suspicious or paranoid enough.

My subsequent research, and tips that I have been provided,
suggest that the CIA more likely PARTICIPATED in such

Check out,
"Our Man in South Africa", by Jeff Stein.  Stein is a former
deputy foreign news editor at United Press International.
In 1995, he taught investigative reporting in South Africa.

He describes Pentagon manuals proved to South African operatives,
providing an arsenal of tricks from disruption to death, booby traps,
poisons. One of the items was prussic acid, which would give a
massive coronary, but still look like natural causes.

On a CIA newsgroup, came the following information about
U.S. attempts to keep the black government from getting 
information about the biowar program:

US Mentioned in S. Africa Testimony

"The United States and Britain tried to keep the soon-to-be-elected
black government in South Africa from obtaining a biological weapons
program intended to keep whites in power, a former government
official testified Friday.

The disclosure came in a week of revelations by apartheid-era
scientists before the Truth and Reconciliation Commission alleging
that South Africa conducted secret scientific research that targeted
It was not clear how much the United States and Britain knew about
the secret program.
Apartheid-era army scientists who testified before the commission
described extravagant projects aimed at preserving white rule,
including an effort to find a germ warfare agent that would kill only

S.Africa says it terminated chemical weapons scheme

Such revelations make it clear that it is not at all unjustified or paranoid
to worry about the real origins of all emerging diseases, include AIDS.

Our government surely would have known that the white regime would
not merely "research" biowar.  The DOD and CIA would have every
reasonable expectation that South Africa would put to use any
product of that research, for full genocide.  One can only conclude
that our own government is therefore also capable of making
itself a partner in deliberate genocide.

The above is not mere "hearsay" or "rumor".  It is testimony to
a Truth Commission, a formal setting, a perfectly valid source for
reporting in the press.

These, the most revealing of the revelations, are discussed here on
newsgroups, not in the mainstream media.  You should put aside
your naive contempt of newsgroups, and realize that they are
only effective medium for such unspoken truths.  You should 
demand of the media to know what is the explanation for the
blanket of silence.  Is it simply to avoid political embarrassment,
and to avoid the consequences of minority resentment?

Tom Keske
Boston, Mass.

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