Biowar Against Blacks

TRKeske trkeske at
Sat Jun 20 22:30:14 EST 1998

>As fascinating as your continual postings are, I do not feel that they are
>appropriately in the spirit of what this group should be used for. While I
>respect your right to offer your opinions and air your views, I really
>feel that you would have a more receptive and friendly 
>elsewhere. I am sure AOL or one of the other bulletin-board services will
>have an urban myth/conspiracy theory, anti-science, or other "X-File" type

The above patronizing opinion is noted,
unsurprising, unimpressive, duly ignored.
I can only be censored, never discouraged.

The post was presenting factual 
information from Associated Press
about biowar in South Africa.  This is
not "X Files".

Anything dealing with biowar, with
emerging disease is relevant to a
microbiology newsgroup.

I have little respect for the state of
political awareness of microbiologists,
and have little respect for microbiologists who cannot comprehend that politics
as important as your technical discipline
in understanding how emerging diseases
might really be developing.

I'm sure that people like Robert Gallo,
when he worked for DOD biowar
contractors, had little comprehension
what the madmen might do with the
fruits of his research, or he would never
have left such a damning paper trail,
describing how he was creating hybrids
of retroviruses and making them jump

Perhaps if more microbiologists took 
their noses out their petri dishes, and
learned of the EXTENSIVE, documented
American biowar against Cuba, the
thousands of human guinea pigs used
in radiation and germ warfare tests,
they could better evaluate what kind
of research they are doing, and for 
whom they are working.

There is going to be a great deal of
anger in America, from gays, from
blacks, from Gulf War veterans, from
their fathers, brothers, sons and 
daughters.  It will not help your case
to pull the superior "I'm a scientist, I
have no time for your crazy conspiracy
theories" routine.

You are capable of an Alice-in-Wonderland denial of reality,
for all your technical knowledge, because
certain thoughts are purely taboo for
you.  You are severely compromised by
who controls your pursestrings, who
will publish your studies.

You are scientists?  So were the South
African researchers working to find 
ways to sterilize blacks.  So were the
scientists running the Tuskegee
experiments.  So were the Nazis
scientists, so were the Japanese biowar
scientists who kept human body parts
in formaldehyde.  So was the American
biowar scientist who was given LSD
by the CIA and driven to his suicide.

I am quite pro-science and pro-rationality.  However, don't try to
play high and mighty with me, and
don't take the snotty, superior attitude.

A computer engineer with good
capabilities for searching databases,
a bit of investigative reporting ability,
a few political and intelligence contacts,
is as likely to get to the bottom of the
truth as any microbiologist is.

I am banging a drum for truths that you
don't want to see.  If you want for me
to disappear- in your dreams, my friend.

Tom Keske
Boston, Mass.

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