Biowar Against Blacks

TRKeske trkeske at
Tue Jun 23 21:03:31 EST 1998

>Afraid that I agree.  Regret that Mr. Kreske has marginalized himself

In a world of blind sheep, the margin
is perhaps the only respectable place to

Are you complaining about my regurgitating information from
Associated press?  Please note that the
the Truth Commission in South Africa
has already more than vindicated what
I said about the CIA knowledge and

What really bugs you is that I suggest that
blacks and gays should actually rise up
against a government that has so 
loathed and mistreated them.

When Newt Gingrich puts his arm
around Lou Sheldon, who has called
for gays to be put in camps, when
Reagan sucks up to a Moral Majority
that said "Heaven will rejoice when
gays are annihilated', then whitebread
professionals have little just complaint
about "paranoia" or unapologetic
miltiancy.  The guns aren't pointed at
you, by these right-wing crackpots that
disgrace our government.

It's time that you hear such attitudes.
If I have my way, they will grow in
this country and rattle your walls.

Apathetic professionals on this
 newsgroup  have probably helped
as much as any other complacent, naive
white heterosexuals to elect
these creeps like this, who cozy
with genocide advocates.    You never
have to hear the sordid details of the
consequences of your votes and apathy,
because the media isn't going to 
dramatize it to you.

You can stand to have a little taste of
the unexpressed and underrepresented
realities.  You have all the newspapers
and magazines of America to feed you

Tom Keske
Boston, Mass.

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