How do I identify biofilm bacteria?

fwhyde at fwhyde at
Wed Jun 24 08:32:02 EST 1998

> If I have understood this properly, then you only get a part of the
> sequence. For identifying bacteria by 16S rDNA sequencing, a full
> blown
> sequence is required (or a least part of a full blown sequnce). G or T
> ladders don't really help with identification, except perhaps for
> distinguishing between different strains of the same species.

You are indeed correct. There are sequence scanning methods out there
that by performing the G and T ladders onboth strands of a 16s  RT-PCR
product, you essentially get sequence information. This of course is of
little use for direct ID of a biofilm organism, but the scanning method
greatly simplifies the tracing of the organism from apoint source to a
potential contamination site.


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