How do I identify biofilm bacteria?

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Start with a good reference. I suggest   Manual of Biocorrosion   by
H.A. Videla, Lewis Publishers.  I find this to be well written and
suitable for the microbiologist and the field engineer. Explains
sample collection, culture methods and media and relationship between
biofilms and microorganisms present.

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>I need to identify what organisms are in the biofilm of our municipal
>water lines.  Is there any particular sampling techniques I should
>use?  I was planning on just scraping the pipes' walls with a sterile
>spatula and dropping a chunk of the ooze into a sterile container.
>Will this be enough to make sure I can identify it, or should I place
>it onto a nutrient agar on site, without waiting to get back to the
>What do I do once I get to the lab?  I don't know where to start.  All
>I can think of, off the top of my head, is to gram stain the stuff and
>examine morphology.  And maintain a culture of it on nutrient agar.
>I would greatly appreciate any comments or suggestions.
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