No Growth-to-TNT Count Question

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Thu Jun 25 13:26:26 EST 1998

The first thing people want to do with a bad result is discount it due to
laboratory error.  Strange noone ever wants to do that with great results.
The procedure I follow; clean the equipment and then repeat the testing a
total of at least 3 times (7 is optimal).  The result reguardless of Genus is
indicative of a problem with your Standard operating procedures.  At a
minimum you should review all of the associated procedures for possible
sources of contamination and make the needed changes.  I wouldn't try to
interpit an action to the original result until I had done the above.

Paul Phillips

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  genomejb at (GenomeJB) wrote:
> A dialysis unit submitted at "Total Count" Sampler to its reference lab. After
> 24 hours, result was "No Growth"; after 48 hours, result was
> "Too-Numerous-To-Count."
> Dialysis unit has never had such a result before. Lab error, or real bug...and
> if real, what are the possibilties?
> Thanks
> Jim Bemis
> GenomeJB at

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