plasmids for transformation of Propionibacterium acnes

Y.E. Knight BMBYEK at
Thu Jun 25 10:25:17 EST 1998

Hi all,
I am at present trying to set up a transformation system for the gram 
positive cutaneous organism Propionibacterium acnes. Previous work appeared 
to show that conjugation and electroporation was unsuccessful, but as there 
was no suitable selection marker, it was almost impossible to tell. In 
addition, no endogenous P. acnes plasmids have been discovered thus far.

I have recently read a paper which details successful conjugation between E. 
coli and Corynebacterium glutamicum (G+ve) by potentially knocking out the 
host restriction system and think that this could be applied to 
electroporation techniques. As such, I am now trying out different plasmids 
and need help tracking a few down (from old papers, unable to find the 
corresponding author etc.) and would appreciate any help, from kind authors 
sending me the plasmids themselves (which would be wonderful), to the name 
and address/email of someone who may be able to help. I have tried a number 
of the vector databases on the web, and one plasmid at least is sold by ATCC 
in America, but if possible, if only sold commercially, I would prefer a 
European supplier (cheaper for me...grant money only goes so far, as my boss 
keeps telling me!). The British NTCC has been little help, if only because a 
number of these plasmids are extremely specialised (and I can't get onto 
their website)

The list is; pJRD215 (G-ve broad host range cosmid)
             pGK12 (source; Kok et al., Appl. Env. Micro., '84, 48, 726-731)
             pECM1 (Schafer et al., J. Bact, '90, 172, 1663-1666)
             pNG2 (Serwold-Davis et al. PNAS USA, '87, 84, 4964-4968)
             and finally
             Mobilisable E. coli strain S171

Thanks for any help you can give me


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