Chlamydia/S.abortusovis antibodies

Yokhom Shasketper wis_useco at
Thu Jun 25 09:59:32 EST 1998


 We are going to collect ovine sera from different animals vaccinated with an ovine  Chlamydia  - Salmonella abortusovis vaccine for  a practice work on  immunological responses. Although our old bibliographic protocols suggest the complement fixation test to discover antibody levels in vaccinated-sheep, we don’t know a supplier for ovine sera (positive control) against Chlamydia or S.abortusovis (to be used in complement fixation test).  Moreover, these protocols need  antigen standardisation.

We believe ELISA test in routine will be the best assay to replace the CF’ test for Chlamydia antibody  (there are several ELISA kits in the market). Are there any  correlation between the CF’ titre and the ELISA titre?.

Our decision about  S.abortus is more difficult. Tube or slide agglutination test are very easy to do, but what kind of purified antigen we have to use on routine tests (the antigenic formulae of  S.abortusovis is 4,12:c:1,6). Moreover, Have these tests enough sensibility to quantify an inmunological  response by vaccination?. Is it possible to establish an titre of inmunological status?
 Could anyone suggest us any test for our investigation?. 

We would appreciate any comment. 
Thanks a lot in advance,

Yokhom Shasketper

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