ying yuyi at
Fri Jun 26 05:16:01 EST 1998

i want to isolate staph and strep.
                       Gram stain
          Colombia nutrient agar
                      |                     |
                    +                   ( -)
Mannitol salt agar
                    |                       |
                    Heat tolerance
                   Biochemical test
1.    Will this method worked?
2.    If catalase test is (-), can I confirm the sample contain strep?
3.    Are there any possible contamination from other gram positive cocci?
4.    Any other suggestion or comments?
5.    Is it necessary to plate the sample on mannitol salt agar (if catalase
test is positive) to select staph?
6.    Can I substitute Colombia with any seletive media for both staph and

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