Klett units vs. Absorbance

Thu Jun 25 20:59:05 EST 1998

	Hi All,
	Can anyone tell me if there is any kind of relationship between 
Klett units and Absorbance, please?
	A protocol I am using calls for growing a broth culture to 50-70 
Klett units, which is supposed to be about 10(8) cells per ml, or 
mid-log phase.  Unfortunately I only have a spec. that measures 
absorbance values at a particular wavelength and I can't find 
anything that describes Klett units.
	Failing the relationship possibility, what would the absorbance of a 
broth culture be at, say, 600nm wavelength at the mid-log phase (or 
	To avoid annoying people, please reply direct to me at:

	t.lyttle at botn.canterbury.ac.nz

	Thanks for any help.
	Trevor C. Lyttle

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