Autoclave Validation

Phil jorge2 at
Thu Jun 25 22:01:21 EST 1998

il128 at wrote:
> I have an autoclave validation problem and was hoping to get some input from
> my fellow netwise microbiologists.  The cycle is a prevac with a 60 minute
> dwell time at 121.1C at 15psi.  The load is made up of 50 bags (Tyvek
> Breather bag) of stoppers each bag is about half full. Some of the stoppers
> (the indicator stoppers) are sticking together and when they do B.
> stearothermophilus spores are surviving.  The stoppers are washed and
> siliconized before spiking, bagging and autoclaving.  Any suggestions on how
> to prevent the stoppers from sticking together? Paul
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Why 60 minutes?

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