Gram Negative Symptoms?

RP pryority at
Sun Jun 28 21:06:22 EST 1998

I'm 38 and besides these problems a healthy white male. Two years ago
I got folliculitis/cellulitis with a low grade fever from a swamp in
Florida after the hip waders I was wearing rubbed the hairs off my knees
and I got swamp water in the waders. My knees swelled out with about 20
pustules/boils on each. I was perscribed either augmentin or amoxycillin
I think, and it went away. Since then I have had two occurences under my
arms where the lymph glands swelled with tenderness and a low grade
fever and was perscribed similar anti-biotics. Recently I had a red
inflamed area on the top of my head,(foliculitis), and swolen glands.
The doctor again perscribed the anti-biotics, and took blood for CBC and
SMAC. The doctor was concerned about a diabetic connection. I didn't
hear anyting back about the blood work so I'm assuming everything was
normal. Since I was concerned my immune system might be suffering from
these courses of anti-biotics or the organism might be becoming
resistant I tried a echinacea/golden seal combo (both herbs described to
be natural anti-biotics) and the inflamation and the gland problem
subsided. During the course of the echinacea/golden seal I got severe
muscle weakness and pain in my thigh and hip.
  Since these folliculitis problems have been recurring since the swamp
episode I want to know if I have some type of gram negative organism
lying dormant that may be causing these problems ie some type of lyme
disease or continuing staph????????. Is the gram stain a simple test any
blood lab can run that will determine this?

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