bacillus thuringiensis shelf life

vince jvmoye at
Tue Jun 30 00:58:17 EST 1998

Dan Jones wrote:
> We've been plagued with squash vine borers both this year and last, and I've
> been trying to exterminate them using "Safer Caterpillar Killer", a product
> containing bacillus thuringiensis (B.t.) var. kurstaki.  I've tried both
> injecting it into the stems and spraying it onto the plants, and neither has
> been successful.
> What I'm wondering about is, since this is a biological agent, how long is
> it effective?  The package has no expiration date on it.  One mixes it with
> water before use.  How long is it effective once mixed with water?
> Please reply by email as well.
> Thanks,
> Dan Jones
BT insecticide has a shelf life of maybe two years if its kept in a cool
dry place, especially dry. Try using sevin garden dust, it's safe and
natural too.

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