Biowar Against Blacks

Nicholas Landau nlandau at
Tue Jun 30 12:29:11 EST 1998

Mr. Keske:

I feel the same way that you do about the rhetoric and treatment
of gays and minorities by Republicans (and Democrats, for that
matter,) as I am sure about half of the scientists who browse
the microbiology newsgroup do also.

The protests to your posting are not based so much on people's
disagreement with your views, but rather the forum in which you
have chosen to post them.  This is a newgroup dedicated to the
exchange of technical information.  Your postings, although very
informative, are of a more polical and social nature than of a
scientific nature.  Those microbiologists who are interested in
the issues you raise will no doubt also read newsgroups concerned
with conspiracy theories, political activism, etc.  Those micro-
bioligists who are not so interested in these issues do not
appreciate them being declared in a newsgroup concerned with
soemthing entirely different, such as microbiology.

The controversial nature of the postings also generates a lot
of responses (such as this one,) which are not of any micro-
biological importance, either.

I wish you good luck in your investigation of the history of
politicized diseases, such as AIDS.  However, I would like to
politely join the ranks of readers of this newsgroup who have
requested that your findings be posted only in the appropriate

Nick Landau
Dept. of Biochemistry and Microbiology
Rutgers University
New Brunswick, NJ

trkeske at (TRKeske) writes:

>When Newt Gingrich puts his arm
>around Lou Sheldon, who has called
>for gays to be put in camps, when
>Reagan sucks up to a Moral Majority
>that said "Heaven will rejoice when
>gays are annihilated', then whitebread
>professionals have little just complaint
>about "paranoia" or unapologetic
>miltiancy.  The guns aren't pointed at
>you, by these right-wing crackpots that
>disgrace our government.

>It's time that you hear such attitudes.
>If I have my way, they will grow in
>this country and rattle your walls.

>Apathetic professionals on this
> newsgroup  have probably helped
>as much as any other complacent, naive
>white heterosexuals to elect
>these creeps like this, who cozy
>with genocide advocates.    You never
>have to hear the sordid details of the
>consequences of your votes and apathy,
>because the media isn't going to 
>dramatize it to you.

>You can stand to have a little taste of
>the unexpressed and underrepresented
>realities.  You have all the newspapers
>and magazines of America to feed you

>Tom Keske
>Boston, Mass.

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