Jim Rogers rogersj at
Tue Mar 3 09:27:02 EST 1998

Have you tried any of the various ELISA assays that are availible?  There
are a number of antobodies availible and hopefully you could get around the
cross reactivity.

Henning Baehr <baehr at> wrote in article
<34FA4C3D.4D93 at>...
> I would like to ask, wether you have any experience in cl. botulinum
> toxin testing by methods, which could replace the mouse bioassay. I do
> it  by agargel-immunodiffusion with extracts of organs concentrated by
> lyophilization, accepting the lack of sensitivity and a certain amount
> of cross reactions, but avoiding these cruel mouse assays. 
> Dr. Henning Baehr, Govt. Vet. Laboratory Oldenburg, Germany

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