E. Coli long-term effects

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> AIDS, measles, common cold, influenza, ... are all caused by viruses
> food poisoning, tuberculosis, cholera, stomach ulcers, meningitis,... 
> are caused by bacteria

Just to a minor point here,  there have been cases of Food Poisoning which
been atributed to viral infection. Although I not have any real details to
viral food poisoning  is a very dark area, as with most food poisoning
where no cause is determined or its not reported and therfore not studied.

Second point that soem food poisoning, while bacterial in origin, does not
live bacteria, such as botulism where the toxin can cause major symptons
after the bacteria has been killed.

Another point adding to the original thread here, even if a person makes a
fundemental error, 
I agree its better to give a clear friendly response, or not post at all. 


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