Fred & Rachel Brusseau rbruss at
Sat Mar 7 07:59:16 EST 1998

What a response. I posted the original message days ago, but it still
lives on!

Yes my degree is in General Biology. It is the only option I have at my
school. (My mom works at the university I go to, and I pay $0.00 of the
$12,000/year tuition.)

I just filled out an application for a Lab technician I position at a
pharmaceutical laboratory. Starting pay is $17,000/year. I'm not sure
what to do. I've been making $0/year for the last 5 years, so it is a
step up. I'm not sure if I should expect this pay, and get some
experience, or look for better???

Anyhow, back to homework.

Rachel Brusseau

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