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International Symposium on Plasmid Biology 1998 plasbiol at CIFN.UNAM.MX
Fri Mar 6 19:02:40 EST 1998

International Symposium on Plasmid Biology 1998
October 10-16, 1998
Merida, Yucatan, Mexico
First Announcement

Sponsored by:

Centro de Investigacion sobre Fijacion de Nitrogeno. 
Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico

The International Symposium on Plasmid Biology 1998 will be held on
October 10-16, 1998 in Merida, Yucatan, Mexico. The Symposium will review
recent advances on the molecular biology of plasmids, as well as evolutive
and practical aspects.

International Board

	Manuel Espinosa, Spain
	Laura Frost, Canada
	Donald Helinski, U.S.A.
	Clarence Kado, U.S.A.
	Richard Novick, U.S.A.
	Cristopher M. Thomas, U. K.

Symposium Organizers

	Susana Brom
	David Romero
	Program on Molecular Genetics of Bacterial Plasmids, Centro 	
	de Investigacion sobre Fijacion de Nitrogeno, UNAM.
	Ap. Postal 565-A                                            
	62100 Cuernavaca, Mor., Mexico.
	Tel: (+52)-73-175867
e-mail addresses:
	SB: sbrom at
	DR: dromero at


	Dolores Cuellar


The meeting will be held at the Conference Center of the Fiesta Americana 
Hotel in Merida, Yucatan, Mexico.The city was founded during the 16th 
century and is one of the most interesting cities of the mexican cultural 
heritage. Merida is located close to archaeological sites of the Mayan
culture, including Chichen Itza (75 miles) and Uxmal (50 miles). We intend to 
visit Uxmal during the meeting. Merida can be reached from abroad 
through Mexico City or through Cancun, proceeding afterwards to Merida.

Scientific Program

The sessions will contain several invited speakers who will present an
overview of the field as well as future objectives. The program will be
complemented with additional speakers, selected on the basis of the abstracts
submitted. To encourage the participation of young investigators, invitations to
speak will be sent on a laboratory basis. The major topics are:

-	Transfer and Establishment
-	Replication
-	Partitioning and Stability
-	Evolution
-	Implications-Applications

Ample time will be allocated for poster presentations and informal

Conference Fees

The conference fees will be 690 USD per participant. The fee includes 
accomodation at the Fiesta Americana Hotel in a double room (6 nights), 
all the meals and coffee breaks, conference materials, welcome cocktail 
and closing banquet, as well  as a trip to Uxmal. If accomodation is 
desired in a single room, the fee will be 985 USD. Late registration fees 
(after July 31, 1998) will be 790 USD (double room) or 1085 USD 
(single room) per participant.

Second Announcement

To receive the second circular with complete information about
registration,abstracts and hotel reservation forms, please return the enclosed
Information Request form before May 1st, 1998 to

	FAX: (+52) 73-175581

or send the requested information to:

	plasbiol at

or fill the corresponding form at:

International Symposium on Plasmid Biology 1998
October 10-16, 1998
Merida, Yucatan, Mexico

Information Request Form

Please send me the Second Circular with registration, abstract and room
reservation forms.




Postal Address

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Phone			  FAX


I wish to present my work:  YES      NO


Tentative Title

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as soon as possible.


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