NSAIDS & Alpha Hemolytic Streptococus

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Wed Mar 11 11:17:06 EST 1998

1.    Does anyone recall the warning that went out when drug manufacturers
started distributing a children's strength "syrup" containing non-steroidal
anti-inflamatory drugs?

2.    Was there or was there not a few who protested the marketing of this
product because of the potential suppression of immune response in children
with strep throat, when used as an antipyretic agent?

3.    Does anyone remember if those who protested, also stated that use of
NSAIDS in children suspected of a sore throat caused by Strep A should be
postponed until a negative strep screen or culture could be confirmed?

3.    Could the present run of Strep A in Texas be related to use of NSAIDS
in children (as well as others) during the course of infection with Strep A?

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