non-IPTG inducible system in E.coli recA- (GI724 or GI698 strains?)

Gilles VACHON Gilles.Vachon at
Thu Mar 12 05:17:50 EST 1998

Hi all,

Being unfamiliar with expression systems, I would like to express a protein
in E.coli with an inducible system that  does not required IPTG.
The problem is that I would also like to use recA- strains.
I have seen commercial vectors like pLEX (sold by in vitrogen) which would
be suitable for cloning and expression but the strain that goes with it is
not recA-.
Unless someone has a recA- version of these GI724 and GI698 strains? Or is
there a vector that carries both the PL promoter and the cI gene?
If not, what possibilities do I have?

Gilles Vachon
Laboratoire de Genetique Moleculaire des Plantes
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