Helicobacter culture contamination - Help

John Hegarty goo at epix.net
Fri Mar 13 07:40:24 EST 1998

Select against the Aspergillus contaminant by adding amphotericin B
(2 micrograms/ml) to fresh media and streak for isolated Helicobacter
colonies.  Disinfect all containers or pouches which have been used to
incubate your plates and discard other contaminated plates.  When the
culture is clean, you can safely dispense with the amphotericin B, as
aseptic technique will be all that is required.  Please let me know if
I can be of any further help.

John Hegarty
Environmental Microbiology, Penn State

graham at micr.crg.cs.nsw.gov.au wrote in message
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>Help! We have Aspergillus contaminating our Helicobacter pylori culture
>plates. Does anyone have any suggestions to solve this problem. Great
>in advance.
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