Developing Vaccines.

JWE elgersmad at
Sun Mar 22 20:47:33 EST 1998

    In the development of vaccines immunity is typically the response of the
human system to a group of proteins left behind after defeating the virus.

    With the common flu viruses it has been found effective to search for
weaker forms of a virus in chicken embryos, then produce a weaker form that
the human system can easily defeat, and reinforce itself against it's more
harmful counterpart.

    With polio, the method of developing the vaccine was the use of
fomaldehyde to kill the virus in a culture.

    Here's the proposition, in experiments using fruit flies exact
frequencies of X-rays caused mutations in the fly's larva.  The use of
different forms of radiation, and frequencies thereof in theory would bend
and fold genetic material at different points causing a cell death more
focused on certian points of the genetic material, and folding different
protiens, any of which the immune system might use to develop it's immunity
to a given viral agent.
    Within the range of kinds of radiation that could be used for viral
extermination based on folding proteins, and or genetic material is Voltages
and forced currents through the culture this technique would include DC
voltages low and very high at varied currents, AC Voltage, Current, and
Frequency range.  Cyclotron radiation, specific X-ray radiation bandwidths,
and tuned lasers at specific bandwidths of light.  I am
sure that these techniques combined with the lab safety, and older methods,
will produce both different strains, and cell death with different remains
via different methods.

    All of these are eventful from time to time as a result of solar
radiation variables.  And combined with the bombarding of genetic material
by cosmic rays really does explain a form of continual change in genetic

    James William Elger.

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