Problems with bacteroides bile esculin agar (BBE)

Warren Wallis wallis_w at
Tue Mar 24 08:40:16 EST 1998

Pfaller Peter wrote:

> Since we have changed our supplier of oxgall (Oxoid does not longer
> produce it, we now utilize oxgall from Merck) we have some problems >with growth on BBE-Medium.

As a manufacturer of anaerobic media we have used a varity of sources of
oxgall and bile. These are biologicals that have different levels of
activity from lot to lot and manufacturer to manufacturer.  For each new
lot of oxgall, we quickly determine "activity" by making a bile test
broth (thioglycollate) and do a serial dilution of the oxgall. Then
inoculate with your B.fraglis.  Once you establish your end
growth, use the level of oxgall in the previous dilution tube. Each lot
should be tested.

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