CO2 as disinfectant,

Graham Shepherd muhero at
Tue Mar 24 16:32:45 EST 1998

If stomach acids (HCl) don't kill the bugs what chance will carbonic acid
have? Stomach pH gets down to around 2 - 3. (Some bacteria - eg
Streptococci - need to have the atmosphere enriched with CO2 to improve
their growth.)


Francois wrote in message <6f3ebr$lin at>...
>What are the chances of using CO2  as a disinfectant for food borne
>Using chlorine as a disinfectant for potable water, what about using CO2 to
>purge the water with, like in these Soda Stream machines?
>CO2 forms an acid when dissolved in water right?  Could this acid  (can't
>remember the name) be effective against coliforms and the like
>as a disinfectant, or will it be too weak?
>Just a thought,
>comments please?

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