CO2 as disinfectant,

Lesley Robertson l.a.robertson at
Fri Mar 27 05:12:19 EST 1998

Francois wrote:

> Extensive answer, thanks.
> Carbonic acid, is a weak acid, and in carbonated softdrinks  there are still
> preservatives, so it makes sense that CO2 would not have that great an
> effect.
> But what about the purging with CO2 creates so that an anaerobic environment
> is created, which is unfavourable for aerobic microbes in water (like
> coliforms, streptococcus etc.)

Many of the nasties are not obligate aerobes. They can ferment, or use other
oxides (eg nitrate, sulphate). Some bugs regard CO2 as an essential nutrient
(although they're not generally dangerous).
Lesley Robertson

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