CO2 as disinfectant,

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At the risk of looking like a dimwit (I haven't been following this

I wonder if the heading should be "ClO2 as a disinfectant"

The extra l makes all the difference. I know of food sanitation
applications for chlorine dioxide.  Never heard of any for carbon
dioxide or its solutions.


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>Francois wrote:
>> Extensive answer, thanks.
>> Carbonic acid, is a weak acid, and in carbonated softdrinks  there are still
>> preservatives, so it makes sense that CO2 would not have that great an
>> effect.
>> But what about the purging with CO2 creates so that an anaerobic environment
>> is created, which is unfavourable for aerobic microbes in water (like
>> coliforms, streptococcus etc.)
>Many of the nasties are not obligate aerobes. They can ferment, or use other
>oxides (eg nitrate, sulphate). Some bugs regard CO2 as an essential nutrient
>(although they're not generally dangerous).
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