Researcher into autism needs our help

Meryl Dorey van at
Sat Mar 28 18:03:59 EST 1998

Forwarded on behalf of all parents who believe that there should be more
independent study into autism and who also believe that researchers who do
those studies should be applauded, not threatened with losing their jobs.


Very Important. Please send a letter of Thanks and Encouragement To DR.
Wakefield in your own words for his research. I understand from a parent
that was involved in Dr. Wakefield's study that the decision to whether
he will have a job will be made next week. He has 4 children to support
not to mention his continued research will affect our children's lives.
I sent my letter this morning priority global mail (don't send regular
His address is :

Dr. Andrew Wakefield
University Dept. of Medicine
Royal Free Hospital and School of Medicine
Rowland Hill Street
London NW3 2PF England

Also you can send a copy of the letter via email to the following people
that I hope will get it to Dr. Wakefield. I will be doing that.

Paul Shattock : hs0psh at

Dr. Roy Pounder at the Royal Free Hospital, Director:
   pounder at

Robert Sawyer: sawyer.seb at

Merrill [merrillw at]

AVN - van at

Please spread the word to other parents and friends and relatives.

Thank you very much.

Ray Gallup

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