Earliest AIDS, Part 6

Brian M Burkhart burkhart at hwi.buffalo.edu
Tue Mar 31 10:43:47 EST 1998

Ho used a technique called "polymerase chain reaction", or
PCR.  This is the same technology that was used by the
prosecution in the O.J. Simpson trial.  Concerns about its
suitability for forensic purposes was one of the factors that
probably led to the acquittal.   The acquittal itself may have
been a miscarriage of justice, but that fact should not
necessarily bias the evaluation of PCR.  The National
Research Council (NCR) issued a report severely 
criticizing the use of PCR in such DNA testing [3].

Well it's crap.  PCR and and its use in forensics is very suitable and
has led to the aquittal and prosecution of people years, no decades,
after the crime.

Juice was aquitted because of the 'race' card and something known as
jury nullification. It had nothin to do with science.

But I guess in your la-la land where everything is a conspiracy, then
facts shouldn't get in the way of the conspiracy.

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