Someone, please help me stand up for Darwin

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>2) "Evolution contradicts the second law of thermodynamics."

It does not contradict the second law if one allows for the continuous
input of energy (i.e.. solar energy).

>3) "It is very unlikely (impossible) that complex stereo-isomeric
>molecules in nature arise from non-organic material by accident."

I believe that this has already been demonstrated in the laboratory.  As early 
as the 1950s Stanley Miller was able to make amino acids and the like from 
methane, ammonia, water, and energy even if the Earth's primitive atmosphere 
was not as reducing as originally thought the experiment demonstrated the 
spontaneous synthesis of biomolecular building blocks from simple gases.

>Ingvald Straume
>(modestly desperate secondary school teacher)

I hope that this gives you a little more ammunition.  Don't get your hopes up 
too high however.  I have found that arguing with antievolutionist to be as 
rewarding as beating one's head against a brick wall--except, unlike beating 
one's head against a wall, you generally do not fell better when you stop 
arguing with a antievolutionist.  Good luck. 

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