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Bob Friedel rfriedel at
Mon Nov 2 15:51:59 EST 1998

Dr. Sutcliffe,

Drexel University is offering a course in biomembranes in the upcoming
winter term.  Check them out on the web at   You
should probably contact the Biology department and ask them which text they

Good Luck

Robert R. Friedel
(formerly Research Microbiologist, Whitehall-Robins Healthcare)
Quality Assurance Manager
Laboratory Research & Analysis Groups
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SUTCLIFFE Ian wrote in message <71kge3$buh$1 at>...
>Can anyone recommend a good recent text on biological membranes suitable
>teaching 2nd and 3rd year undergraduates
>Suggestions much appreciated
>Dr Iain Sutcliffe
>Fleming Building
>School of Health Sciences
>University of Sunderland
>Sunderland SR2 3SD
>tel:  0191-515-2979
>fax: 0191-515-2502

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