Biowarfare (ebola + smallpox)

Deano deanwaller at
Tue Nov 10 06:20:20 EST 1998

Well theoretically it would be possible. Couldn't a large number of hybrids
from the 2 viruses be made and then there properties tested in some way?
Sorry I couldn't provide more solid information.

Eric Beard wrote in message ...
>Concerning the use of ebola as a bio-weapon, the Soviets/Russians were
>rumored to have found a place in the smallpox genome to hide ebola,
>combining the two to form what is refferred to as "ebolapox" or "blackpox",
>with the contagiousness of smallpox and the mortality rate of ebola.
>This information was published in an article called "The Bioweaponeers" and
>its source was Dr. Ken Alibek (formerly Kenatyan Alibekov, a leading Soviet
>bioweapons engineer).  However, the claim has been downplayed by
>at USAMRIID, who say it may be possible but is highly improbable.
>Can anyone provide some solid information on the possibility of actually
>combining the two viruses?
>Eric Z. Beard

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