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Hello Rob,
Inulin is a polysaccharide consisting of a linear chain of beta(2-1)linked
fructose molecules (i.e. inulin is a fructan). Inulin occurs as a storage
carbohydrate in several plants, including chicory and Jerusalem artichoke.
Depending on plant source, the number of fructose residues per inulin
molecule may vary between 5 and 45. At the reducing end the chain is
terminated by a beta(2-1)-linked glucose molecule (info from PhD thesis of
Robert Rouwenhorst, Delft, 1990). There is currently a lot of interest in
inulin as a 'prebiotic' food ingredient. To get an impression of what sort
of research activities are going on around inulin, see the abstracts listed
jack pronk, delft

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>Please help! I would be very gratefull if anybody could explain to me the
>biological significance of inulin. So far all I have found out is that it
>a carbohydrate used in medicine. e-mail at rob.lees at
>Yours in desperation,

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