molecular detection of bacteria

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Hi, Rod:

You can try posting at the Diagnostics Newsgroup at Dejanews. Also try to
make a search with Diagnostics. There is a Diagnostics Club somewhere in the
I am also interested in this subject so keep me posted.



>Depending on the target bacterial species and the target plant you might
>some very nice information looking at lipid profiles.
>Rod Savidge wrote in message
>< at>...
>>I am wondering if it is possible to screen eukaryotic systems (such as
>>trees) for bacteria -- both qualitatively to diagnose the presence and
>>quantitatively to estimate the number present -- using one or more
>>molecular or enzymatic indicators that is highly diagnostic of bacteria?
>>I'm familiar with microscopy and plating approaches but would like to
>>sidestep those with a direct biochemically based procedure.  Any advice
>>would be welcome.
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