acne bacteria

Phil jorge2 at
Wed Nov 25 11:54:06 EST 1998

John R. McQuiston wrote:
> The pink one could be pseudomonas and the white one Staph. aureus or
> epidermidis.  It's hard to tell without more info.
> In article <Mj%52.6662$DF6.198844 at>, hluong68 at
> says...
> >
> >I'm conducting an experiment on the type of bacteria on our skin.  So far I
> >have two type of bacteria identified and two's left.  The colonies of one of
> >the types are white, smooth and in a plateau margin.  The other type is pink
> >and has a drop-like margin.
> >Any help that you can give is appreciated!
> >Thanks, Horace
> >
> >


I'm sure not familiar with too many pink pseudomonads.  To which one(s)
are you refering?

Horace, what media are you using?

Consider that

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