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Would size of a bacterium living at the coast help you?
0.2 cubic micometer (use the formular for a sphere to calculate the diameter) 
20 fg per cell (also published by Lee & Fuhrmann 1987)
Growth: from 20 min to 200 h.

Kjell Magne Fagerbakke

In article <73g07a$blm$1 at>, "AT" <bugline at> 
>It depends on the species (and specific strain), for example :
>1. most rod-shaped ones are close to 1- 2 micro-meter in length and 0.5 -
>0.8 micro-meters in diameter (e.g. Serratia, Bacillus, Pseudomonas, etc.);
>2. Most cocci shaped ones (Streptococcus and Staphylococcus) are generally 1
>micro-meter in diameter.
>Mass is a difficult one...
>The generation time depends on the strain, type of media used for the
>culture and other factors such as temperature, presence/absence of oxygen,
>Ryan Gray wrote in message <73f57f$1f6$1 at>...
>>      Could someone help me out?  I need to find out
>>the basic dimensions of "a typical" bacteria, which would
>>include length, mass( if possible), and the time between
>>divisions(generation time?).
>>Thanks for the Effort
>>Christopher E. Gray

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