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>Andrew Fletcher from the UK,  is asking to enter this arena.

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>Could someone therefore sum up the accepted mechanism for circulation
in the
>cerebrospinal fluid, so that we have an independent benchmark for
>discussions? Only then will we see if this road leads us to any

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I won't comment on his itemizing the forces by which water could be
lifted up into trees and then demanding to know how this happens.
(Incidentally, I found treatment of this wonderful process in Murchie's
"The Seven Mysteries of Life" fascinating; too bad he got spooky on the
last 2-3 mysteries...)

Nor will I comment (explicitly) on his looking to kkollins for
guidance..  ("the kkollins leading the fletcher")

However, I too am interested in CSF, and attended a satellite
conference (sponsored by NSF, prior to the Society for Neuroscience
meeting early this month) on CSF as a communications system.  Among
other things, problems of its circulation were considered.

F. Frank LeFever, Ph.D.
New York Neuropsychology Group

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