The target of Triclosan

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Hello Jean:

Thank you for the message.
I would like to know how to dissolve Triclosan and also Triclocarban in
Does anyone know?
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>SParker <eparker at> wrote :
>> I think it is a cytochrome P450 inhibitor.
>According to L.M. McMurry et al :
>in Nature (August 6, 1998) 395, 531-532
>in FEMS Microbiol. Lett. (1998) 166, 305-309
>Triclosan is a broad spectrum antibiotic considered as an inhibitor of
>enoyl reductase, as enzyme catalysing an essential step in the
>elongation of fatty acids in bacteria. Dioxygen is not a substrate for
>this reaction.
>ACP-CO-CH=CH-CH2-... + NADPH, H+ -> ACP-CO-CH2-CH2-CH2-...+ NADP+
>(ACP means acyl carrier protein, the link with the growing acyl chain
>being a thioester bond as in acyl-CoA; the double bond is in trans,
>contrary to the double bonds of unsaturated fatty acids, that are
>usually cis)
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