Polygamous Heterosexuality & Reproductive Fertility

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Thu Oct 15 21:56:35 EST 1998

Hi Kaliki,
  Sorry, don't know about all of that. But I have noticed something as I
have watched the women I grew up with get older. I have noticed that the
ones that were free with sex in their younger years seem to be more likely
to have health problems when older, and at earlier ages. I am talking things
like cancer, etc.. Now this may be something that happened to turn out that
way and no relation to their sex lives at all.  Just something that I
noticed. To justify this in my mind I am thinking it is logical that DNA
from many sources may indeed be fighting wars for control with the woman's
body and causing mutations. I haven't noticed this with men. But the female
fluids doesn't really enter the male sex organ. It does get in the male body
in other ways, will leave it at that. But it is exposed to the environment
which tends to take a toll on microscopic critters.

Scratching my head,


Kaliki wrote in message <7024s0$397$2 at nnrp4.snfc21.pbi.net>...
|During a lecture in Psychology 18: Human Development, the following
|statements we're made by several classmates but could not be verified,
|Concerning polygamous heterosexuality & pregnancy:
|* A woman's regular partner's sperm will be dominant and agressively
|"attack" a foreign or new partner's sperm if both are present in the
|sexual organs at the same time. ( Territorial Phagocytosis of some sort ?)
|* A woman who has sperm in her from 2 different partners, will fertilize
|with the partner who has given her the most pleasure and/or the partner
|she has the strongest attraction for. ( Does orgasm have any physiological
|effects on fertility?)
|Can you verify these or similiar points and possibly site case studies or
|Thank you.
|No this is not a request for help with homework. It's just a very
|provocative & interesting subject that i'd like 2 hear more about.

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