DNA extraction from KIWI fruit

Steve steve at delete.withnell.demon.delete.co.uk
Sun Oct 18 02:50:44 EST 1998

I'm not a professional in this at all,  but following some simple
instructions managed to extract the DNA from a KIWI fruit first time.  
(See BBC.co.uk - local heroes).

Everything in the experiment is in common kitchen usage.

Three questions:

1. Is there a stain that is equally commonly available to help see the the
DNA under a microscope?

2. Is it possible to extend this "kitchen chemistry" to extract the
proteinase from the KIWI fruit 
    and then use it to extract the DNA from other fruits?

3. How do I know  that the gooey  mess that appeared in the meths was DNA?
(confidence beginning to waver!)

MAny thanks.


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