Physical fractionation of a diverse skin microbe population

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Hi Michael,

First thing that came to mind was:

Elke Jaspers and Jörg Overmann
Applied and Environmental Microbiology, Aug. 1997, p. 3176-3181
Vol. 63, No. 8
Separation of Bacterial Cells by Isoelectric Focusing, a New Method for
Analysis of Complex Microbial Communities

Good luck!

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> 	We are looking for proteins that cause inflamatory skin
> disease.  One possibility is that the immune system is mounting a
> T-cell responce to microbial epitope.  In order to address this
> option we are thinking of making a microbial genomic library from
> skin scrapings (lots of skin scrapings!).
> 	It would be very usefull if we could enrich for the bug
> were looking for.  So we are wondering if it is possible to fractionate
> microbes by size or density and determine by bioassay which fraction
> contains the guilty party,  then derive a set of culture conditions
> (by tial and error) by which we could culture it?
> TIA^6!
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