Elemental sulfur analysis

Lesley Robertson l.a.robertson at stm.tudelft.nl.removethis
Wed Oct 28 05:46:00 EST 1998

Charles McComas wrote:

> This is very similar to the method of which I first mentioned. In our method
> there is no acetone extraction. Is there a reason for the extraction (ie.
> specificity toward elmental sulfur)? Are you using So to indicate the zero
> oxidation state of sulfur,(S)? I do appreciate your help, and hope I don't
> seem to be to annoying with my questions. Thank you.

As So is almost insoluble in water, we tried a number of solvents - acetone gave
the most reproducible results. I use So (normally superscripted but there's
things you can't do in ascii) as shorthand for molecular sulphur.
Lesley Robertson

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