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If your exams are next Friday and you have to resort to the internet for the
following questions, you're in the wrong class... Nay, you are wrong for the
class... Or are you a pupil of distance education who does not have access
to the teacher directly, or to a library? But, even then, shouldn't you have
some sort of notes or text-books? 

At 01:30 AM 4/23/99 -0700, Lee wrote:
>Dear readers;
> Does anyone know the answer to the following tutorial question. Ny exans
>are next Friday.
>Question 1:
>1) Which of the following terms refers to a site which is contaminated or
>polluted deemed not suitable for human occupation but can be used for
>non-food related industrial processes?
>a) Green site
>b)Blue site
>c) Brown site
>d) Black site
>I would think the answer to be brown site. DOes anyone know what is the
>definition of a green site, blue site, brown site and black site?
>Question 2:
>Which of the following technology makes use of xenobiotic-degrading
>competent microbes in filter systems to remove aerosol or volatile
>contaminants from contaminated air?
>b) Bioventing
>I would think the answer to be d)Bioaugmentation because of the term
>"xenobiotic" which needs tailor-made microbes.
>By the way, does anyone know the definations of Biostimulation,
>Bioaugmentation, Bioventing and Biofiltration?
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