colony PCR

Arnoud van Vliet avvliet at
Sat Dec 11 07:52:04 EST 1999

Hi Kelvin

depends on the organism, but if it's E. coli:

- use toothpick to touch colony, shake a few times in 50 ul aqua dest. Put
the toothpick in Luria broth to grow the colony in case it's positive and
grow overnight.
- Boil water+bacteria for 5 min
- cool on ice
- spin 5 min at full speed in microcentrifuge to pellet insoluble matter
- take 1 or 2 ul of supernatant for PCR

hope this helps


Dr. Arnoud van Vliet

Chong Wai Yin( Zhang Weixian) <wychong at> wrote in message
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> Hello, does anyone have experience or have a protocol in doing colony PCR?
> Thank you for helping me out.
> Regards,
> Kelvin

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