Microfiltration and AntiFoam

Asgeir Winnberg asgeir.winnberg at chem.sintef.no
Fri Feb 5 05:21:33 EST 1999

Thanks for your reply!

We are about to start a project that will use a continuous fermentation unit
for growing bacteria which concentrate the cells by continuous filtration.
We need to use an antifoam agent to reduce the generation of foam in the
fermentor. Our problem is to find a commercial antifoam that neither reduces
the growth of the bacteria nor plugs the filter unit. The main problem is
the plugging. We are using cross flow filtration with a filter casette of
flat sheet membranes. The membranes are Sartorius polyolefine microfilters
0.2 micrometer. We have to sterilize the antifoam in the medium. Do you know
any specific antifoam agent that could fit my prosess or do you know whom to
contact to get such information?

R.I. Mateles wrote in message <78v2rs$62d$1 at hirame.wwa.com>...
>Some of the polypropylene glycol antifoams are sufficiently water soluble
>that they ought not plug a sterile filter if the medium plus antifoam is
>filtered.  You can't easily filter sterilize the antifoam by itself because
>the viscoisty is rather high.  You also could steam sterilize the antifoam
>and then add it to the medium after the latter has been filter sterilized.
>Rich Mateles

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