Shall we moderate bionet.microbiology? Please read.

M. Latterich latteric at
Sun Jan 24 14:08:05 EST 1999

In article <33cad66f.16444718 at>, Ted
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> Please explain how "moderation" works. I appologise for my ignorance
> in this matter.
> Ted


moderation works in that all posts to bionet.microbiology will have to
be screened manually for content by the moderators before they appear
on the web. While not fool-proof, this will lead to a reduction of
unrelated or unsuitable messages, such as spam. A few newsgroups have
moderation status. The advantages are that one has to deal with less
unrelated posts, the disadvantages are that moderation will cause a
delay in the message appearing on the net. 

My repeated requests to the folks at to establish
moderation status have gone unanswered, which is annoying because I
already have assembled a team of moderators ready and willing to
perform this service to our community. 


Martin Latterich
bionet.microbiology Discussion Leader

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